MORE Perspectives


An Offer for Refugees with a Background in Humanities, Sciences or the Arts

Scientists and artists who had to flee their country often have difficulties when it comes to using their education and competences in Austria. MORE perspectives is a platform where refugees can share their knowledge and experiences with an interested public. If possible academic and artistic courses will be designed collaboratively with the refugees and give them an opportunity to impart their skills and knowledge in a university setting. This process can open up new perspectives for everybody involved.

If you ….

  • have come to Austria as a refugee (asylum-seekers with a residence entitlement card acc. to Art. 51 Asylum Act, recognised refugees, subsidiary protection acc. to Art. 52 Asylum Act, temporary leave to remain acc. to Art. 46a Aliens Police Act)
  • have completed your university studies and have worked as an academic/artist
  • are looking to get in touch with peers at a university
  • are willing to share your knowledge in a workshop, seminar or a speech

… please sign up for MORE-Perspectives!

Step by Step to the University

    1. Please sign up on
    2. They will check your application and give you feedback
    3. They will try to find a suitable match at a university for you
    4. A researcher/scientist will contact you directly
    5. You will collaboratively design an academic/artistic presentation for the interested public

CAUTION: MORE perspectives is NOT a JOB PORTAL and there are NO speaker FEES